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Located on Balboa Avenue in Panamá City. 

Creating food that will not be forgotten, not only driven by glamorous style but also by the obsessive attention to detail and uncompromising quality, is what defines Filomena.

Simple Stravaganza finds its core meaning with the combination of the highest quality ingredients, modern cooking skills and centuries of Italy’s culinary heritage. That same heritage serves us as an inspiration to recreate the avant-garde experience of Italy’s finest cuisine but with stylish soul.

Stepping inside our beloved masterpiece, will reach you in direct contact with warm blue and yellow pantones, natural marble stones, velvety wood accents, European state-of-the-art luminaires, more than a hundred burnishing decorative elements, an impressive dining room selection curated by our lead architect Toton Sanchez. 

Its spaces allow you to live a different experience on each visit. Different from each other but in absolute harmony. In a cheerful, vibrant and fresh atmosphere. It has a private lounge that is ideal for any event.

Please remember that you are always welcome here. You could always be a distinguished member of a non-members’ club.

Filomena - Cucina Di Mare
Filomena - Italian restaurant
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